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Discover How You Can Make $150.60 Commissions Per Customer By Promoting This Sure-Fire Money Getting System

Launches: October 11th, 2010 @ 9am EST

Crazy Commissions = 60% On ALL Sales

*INSANE* Earnings per Click


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Welcome to the VIP partners invite page for the launch of Covert Cash Conspiracy.

Matt Benwell here and I'm the creator of Quick Fire Profits, Super Speed Wealth and Zero Cost Profits & Rapid Automated Income.

My first marketing launch in December 2007 called Quick Fire Profits, was one of the very first recurring products to be sold on Clickbank and sold over $500,000 in monthly memberships.

The launch of Super Speed Wealth in July 2008 was another successful membership site and pioneered the way for many of the ready made 'plug & play' affiliate products sold in the last two years.

My next product Zero Cost Profits launched December 2009 converted like crazy (the average EPC (Earnings Per Click) was $1.83)

More recently I released Rapid Automated Income in July and conversions were a solid 9.36% with affiliates making an average EPC of $1.64 this has brought my total sales to over $1.4 million in just 3 short years.

I expect this one to be much bigger for one main reason: The offer IS what people want!

I've been watching the market very closely over the last 12 months and there seems to be a trend.

Now I've know this for a while, as this trend seems to be cheap products which you sell in MASS volume!

People aren't interested in trials or high ticket price points anymore.

Not with crazy EPC conversions like we see at this price point!

Smart marketers know this and are backing this 100%!

Already HUGE marketers such as...

Shawn Casey, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, Chris McNeeney, Tom Bell, Mo Latif,  Andrew Fox, Steven Lee Jones, Rob Benwell, Mark Shay, Imran S, Craig Davidson, Kieran Gill, Chris Freville, Tim Bekker, Steve Tenpenny, Brian Wynn, Jason Gazaway,
Mark Anastasi, Mike Auton, Steven Johnson, Adeel Chowdhry, Howie Schwartz, Oli Tee, plus many more...

Make sure you don't miss out and promote this sure fire profit machine!

So lets look at how you're going to make some money...

Products & Commissions

The front end product is access to Covert Cash Conspiracy which will be initially priced at $37.

System breakdown:

We have a killer sales funnel for this launch that we've been working on for a while.

Here are the details:

Front End = $37

OTO #1 = $147

OTO #2 = $67

Then every week after for the first month they will receive a BRAND NEW offer each week.

Prices range from $17 to $77 one time, plus recurring!

This seriously will be the easiest cash you will ever make.

Make a killing when you sent them on the launch, then make even more through the first month while you just sit back and relax... SWEET!!

The affiliate link will be generated using Easy Click Mate and therefore we will cloak your links automatically to prevent commission fraud :-)

You will receive 60% commissions on all products.

So why should you promote Rapid Automated Income?


3 Reasons To Promote

My Copy Converts: In the last 3 years I've sold over 17,000 memberships and courses totalling over $1.5 million in sales. Last time out the average EPC value was $1.64. One guys promotion even converted at $9.27. I'm very confident that I will beat it this time out! The backend offer converted at 41.6%.

Everyone knows how mad I am when it comes to testing, so you can rest assured when you hit the offer your traffic will generate you heaps of sales and a big pile of cash!

BIG Easy Commissions: You will earn 60% commission on a $37 front-end plus 2 further one time offers straight off the bat costing $67 & $147.

That's $150.60 on day one alone.

Most marketers leave it there but we've got 4 tried and tested offers to max out your commissions over the first month (while you're cookies are still hot ;-))

With the killer funnel we have in place, there's no reason why even the worst, laziest affiliate in the world should make at least 100+ sales.

But the question really is how many times over will you do this?!

*INSANE* Launch Competition: What's are launch without a competition right?

We're going to be keeping the launch live until 11th November (one whole month) with a HUGE $20,000 up for grabs.

More details coming soon!


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